Friday, February 8, 2013

It's FRIDAY, Let's Celebrate!

TGIF!!! We made it to the end of the week in one piece. It's time to celebrate, and what the hell, why not Scream and Shout!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Gaol #12: Work towards my ideal weight

This has been an ongoing goal/struggle for some time now. I've had personal trainers, done Weight Watchers, and tried doing it on my own. For the past year I have been doing an all women's Bootcamp,  2-4 times a week, and mixing in yoga here and there. I've improved my eating habits and been more label conscious when it comes to deciding what to eat or brand to buy.

I'm continuing to work towards my ideal weight, but as of right now, I've finally hit the 20 lb mark! There has been some yo-yo-ing going on, but it's encouraging to see the number on the scale go down. Now, if only it would go down faster! The constant goal is to get skinny and just look good naked.

I will spare you all my "before" shot in my bikini, but be warned, one day I will share it... when I'm fucking skinny :)

Trying to stay Tough

This past week has been a tough one, physically. For once it's not the stress of work or relationships, but rather the grueling workout regimen I'm putting myself through.

I started CrossFit.

Something that I have always found to be intimidating and a bit out of my league, fitness level wise. But I've officially enrolled as of Saturday, and it only took my 3 workouts before I physically- and mentally- just wanted to break down. This shit is hard. My arms, thighs, and butt are so incredibly sore, I almost feel that they are going to revolt against me at any moment and stop working. The act of writing down my workout results yesterday took way too much effort- my arms and hands were that sore and shaky. Mentally, I'm exhausted from constantly talking myself into being able to physically do something, it's mind over matter and I even though my arms can hardly bare the weight of myself as I try to do pull ups or ring dips, I have to at least find the will to just hold it a bit longer, and know that it's worth it. This grueling workout I'm putting myself through is worth it. I have to remember that I'm tougher than I look, that I can do anything I put my mind to.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Goa #5: See a Broadway show

Yet another goal completed in New York! My mother is a huge fan of plays, which meant we weren't leaving the Big Apple without seeing one. It's thanks to her that my sisters and I have an appreciation for these things- she has taken us to probably about a half a dozen thus far.

The play we saw was Mary Poppins at the Amsterdam Theater, which had gorgeous architecture! Just one of the things I was continually checking out throughout our evening. The play was fantastic- as always I get chills whenever they break into song (strange, I know and I have no clue why it happens).

It was interesting to see how different the play was from the Disney Movie. Lots of different songs and scenes, but non the less it was a fantastic show and experience!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Tis the Season for...

.. Cruising down PCH...

This past weekend we were blessed with summer time temps ranging in the 70's, so we took advantage of this lovely weather and hit PCH. Sunroof open, wind through my hair and good music to cruise by. This is my idea of Sunday Funday.

The boy brought his Go Pro, which I got him for Christmas, and edited together this video. Enjoy!

Goal #29: Watch the Macy's Day Parade in Person

One of the main perks of being in New York over Thanksgiving was the Macy's Day parade. It is one of my Grandma's all time favorite things, even more so than the Rose Parade (something I still don't understand). So being as that I wanted to experience this event first hand, I made sure to get up and brave the cold weather and massive amounts of people on Thanksgiving morning.

We were lucky enough to have this guy come down the street we were standing on, even though it was unlucky for him since he was slowly deflating. It was actually really cool seeing how they handled the balloons and how many people it took to "operate" them. 

The highlight of course was Santa at the end, but I couldn't help but snap a picture of the NYPD jackets that were being worn- Disorder Control Unit! 

Friday, January 18, 2013

TGIF Lovelies!

This week has finally come to a close, and I for one am very happy that it's here! The weather is starting to warm up, and I can not wait to spend my weekend taking in the sunshine and getting some much needed Vitamin C. The beauty of a California winter is that it can still be spent at the beach! Ta Ta for now! 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Goal #78: Roast a Pumpkin

This sounds like a strange goal, but do you ever think of what happens to all those uncarved pumpkins after Halloween? They either become moldy and rotten or smashed on the side of the road where the gang of unruly teenagers discards them.

Unfortunately, we never got around to carving our beautiful pumpkins that we spent so much time picking out on our way back from our Palms Springs Getaway weekend. You might remember them as  Mr. Lumpy and the Albino Mr. Scarface.

Well, when it came time to get rid of the fall decor, and break out the Christmas decorations, I decided to attempt at roasting them, and turning them into a nice puree so I could use it for baking. I googled "How to Make pumpkin puree from a real pumpkin" and came up with this.

It seemed simple enough, so off to the kitchen I went. The directions are as follows:

  1. Take pumpkin and clean/wipe down the inside. Chop in half and scrap out all the fibers/seeds. If you want at this time you can keep the seeds separate if you are interesting in roasting those as well.
  2. Once it's all cleaned out, I ended up chopping the halves it into quarters. You might have to do smaller pieces depending on your pan size. 
  3. Take a roasting pan and place the pieces upside down (so insides facing the pan). Add about 1 cup of water to pan. 
  4. Set oven to 400F and bake for 30 min or so, until they are tender. I ended up leaving it in for about 45 minutes. The outside of the pumpkin will become a deep orange color. 
  5. LET THEM COOL. Seriously, don't skip this step. I attempted handling them way to soon because I was rushing, and it wasn't worth it to start fussing with them. 
  6. Once cool, scoop out the "flesh" of the pumpkins into a large bowl. I used a spoon in order to do this. It should easily come off if they are baked enough. 
  7. You can mash the pumpkin in the bowl, or move it straight over to your food processor/high speed blender and blend until you get the puree consistency you desire. 
  8. I then drained any extra juice/liquid and placed them in my desired containers or storing/freezing. 
  9. Enjoy your homemade pumpkin puree!
I had lots of fun recipes saved that included pumpkin puree, but it so happens that Miss Lulu, the diva dog has been enjoying my pumpkin puree with her now homemade dog food. Turns out she has a food allergy and so I'm now making homemade food, along with switching her over to grain free dry dog food. So, sadly no pumpkin flavored baked goods. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Goal #66: Go to a Botanical Garden

While in Brooklyn, we found our way over to the Botanical Garden!

As soon as we got there, I instantly knew this was a place to visit during Spring, not winter. However since it was Winter, entrance was free.

The biggest bummer for me was that the Cherry Esplanade was just bare trees, no blossoms (sad face). I definitely want to go when they are in bloom and see them with all their pink magnificant flowers!

Even though it wasn't what I was expecting, we made the best of the afternoon and spent some time exploring the different gardens. And then, I came across the solution for turning this day around.

Leaves! Lots and lots of leaves! That I wanted to jump and throw and if I could, roll around in. I was instantly in kid mode, longing for the day when you racked up leaves and tossed them in the air without a care in the world. So that is what I did...

You can see the excitement on my face, I can hardly contain my glee. And yes, people where starring at me and I did not care. Let them look all they want! The fun part about being an adult is that you can do what you want, and if that means acting like a child for 10 minutes, then act like a lil child if that's what makes you happy. Ok well, it would be a lie to tell you I only did this for 10 minutes.. because after this pile of leaves, I found another, and another... and another.

If you haven't noticed yet, sometimes I just get obsessed with certain things. The boy was very supportive of my burst of child like antics and continually took pictures of me in action.  After all was said and done, I also officially completed goal #90, jump in a pile of leaves! 

Goal #86: Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge

While in New York over Thanksgiving, the boy and I decided to tackle this goal. Last time we were in the Big Apple we did start to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, but only ventured about half way before turning around since it wasn't our intention to spend a day in Brooklyn.

This time, we were in a different mind set and planned on spending the day venturing around Brooklyn, where his mom grew up.

The Brooklyn Bridge is about a mile long, so it took us maybe 45 minutes to walk across it- adding in stopping to take pictures and looking back at the view. There are even some vendors selling little touristy items. Last time the boy purchased a pretty cool screen printed shirt from a local street artist, which I was all for!

The view looking back is amazing, it makes you realize how condensed everything is- all stack on top of each other.

Once we reached the other side, we were greeted by the "Welcome to Brooklyn" inlayed letters at the end of the bridge, and it was instantly noticeable that you were no longer in the "city".

I have to say we are a really ambitious couple- who definitely knows how to get where they want to be. And when I saw WE know how to get places- I mean ME, as in I was given the title of fearless navigator throughout the whole trip.

I say this because even the local we talked to told us how far away some of these spots where- but fear not- we made it to all the places we wanted to visit and more.

Our stops included:
Brooklyn Botanical Garden (another DZP goal!)

L & B Spumoni Gardens where we got the most delicious Italian food I have had in ages- the Spumoni was orgasmic and the garlic bread was probably the best I've ever had... ever. If I knew the nice local mans name who suggested it I would hunt him down and send him a thank you note for introducing us to this place.

Other than that we took the subway from one end to another and even got a view of Coney Island, which looked like a ghost town after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy.

All and all, Brooklyn was very good to us!