Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Starbucks Love Project

Yesterday I had a sneak peek of Starbucks (RED)™ Love CD on imeem. And it was amazing! Starbucks asked a couple of their favorite artists (U2, Dave Matthews Band, John Legend, and many more) to spread some love this holiday season. All the songs they sing are full of love and so inspired. So today I set out to find out more about this CD- since I'm very interesting in purchasing it.

Right now when you purchase this CD ($15) from a Starbucks store near you, $1 will go towards the global fund to fight against AIDS in Africa.

Another fun way to give a lil is you can create your very own Love Drawing! As you can see below, my bestie Erin and I have done our part to give a little! For each drawing submitted online, Starbucks will give another 5cents to the cause. It's free to us and oh so fun! Create your own here!

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