Friday, April 23, 2010

Chasing the High...

It's funny how you can get such a natural high and low from just one person.
There is the high you get after hanging out with someone whose company you really enjoy, and then there is the low point when you realize you don't know when you'll see them next.

Sometimes it's that high from the last time you hung out that can carry you through until you can get your next fix.
Sometimes it's the games you play with each other before getting to your next point of hanging out that makes you second guess if all this leg work is even worth it.

But of course its worth it, riiiighttt?

All I know is, the day after, when your living off that high of excitement and happiness - it definitely feels worth it.

Your head is still in the clouds from the night before, you feel blissful, relaxed.
You can still imagine your lips against his, and you hold this silly smile on your face.

But what about the week after?
When you can no longer taste his lips on yours and the feeling of his arms wrapped around you is so distant.

The low is setting in.

You try to hold on, but there is no use. It will all slip away at some point.
Because did you really think for one second it could be so simple as two adults, knowing they both enjoy each other's company, and leaving all the games at the door?
Of course not, because there is always the chase.

And now it has begun again....

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