Friday, April 16, 2010

What I know, and what I need....

i know all these things- i think i just get caught up in it, the wanting part of it.
wanting to have someone.
wanting to not being alone.

i need to stop trying to make people fit.
it is what it is, stop forcing it.
there is no reason to settle, to compromise, to have anything other then what you want.

i need to have fun and let it be what it is.
i need to not get attached.
i need to not be lovey dovey.
i need to not invest more into it then necessary.

it's hard being a person who gives everything their all.
because when it comes to things like this it is comes naturally.
to care.
to try.
to give 100% without thinking about it.

i invest too much time, effort, emotions
i start to hope

i've come to notice that hoping doesnt go so well when it includes someone else
someone else who you have no control over. 

i need to remind myself of this.
otherwise i get carried away.

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