Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cards for All Occasions

Ever need to send a lil note that just says "Thank You," or "Sorry," or how about this one... "Fuck you."

O really, you could use the third one too? Well even though we don't normally send cards telling people off, there is such a thing and You and Me, The Royal We has created them. And these cards are quite literally just lil notes, at only 2"h x 2.6"w these lil babies are small but powerful. I know a person or two who I could send some much needed.... attitude to. Because nothing makes your rage complete like a lil not says, "Fuck you." I think that lil added written gesture makes all the difference? Or does it still show you care too much? Either way everyone loves getting snail mail right? O wait, unless its hate mail, my bad.


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