Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's White Hot

Since Christmas I have been eyeing a white hot watch....

I' d love the Michael Kors White Midesize Ceramic Watch with Glitz

...but at a fraction of the price I can get (and actually afford) the Stella Fossil version.  It looks so beautiful and sparkly on my tan skin.

One of my sisters  happens to have the EXACT same taste as me (its true- I buy a sun dress, and then the next week I see her wearing the same one. No she did not raid my closet- since we don't even live together- she just also bought the EXACT SAME DRESS.This has happened at least 5 times- sundresses, rompers, shoes, rings, you name it we probably have the exact same thing hanging in our closets)

So, I bet you can see were this is going.

I saw her last weekend, and what did she have on her wrist? Yep, MY beautiful, sparkly, hot white watch that I have been drooling over for the last 5 months. Can you say biootttch?

Now I must decide, do I also buy the same Fossil watch? Or do I one up her and save up and buy the Michael Kors one? Hummm

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