Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Summer Vacation: BOOKED

Guess who is getting their passport ready?


That's right, family vacation is booked this year and at the suggestion of yours truly, my family will be taking a nice tropical vacation to the BAHAMAS! We will be spending 6 glorious sun filled days at the Atlantis resort. There is truly something for everyone at this lovely resort... and I can't wait to sit pool side with my alcoholic beverage of choice and a good book(s). I've got at least 2 that I'd love to finish.

The best part of this, I will not have my cell phone on me the entire time I've decide. I known shocking. Although I may spend lil tweet updates, emails and text messages will not be consuming me on this amazing trip! I've got about a lil under 2 months to prepare so first things first; got get this bikini bod in over drive. I'm already working out at least 5 days a week- three of which are with my trainer, but now is the time to really crack down on my eating.

Secondly to get in order: I'm on the prowl for some super cute tropical outfits and accesories! I'll be sure to update you with all my fun finds along the way, the first one being this super cute (and super bright) metallic passport holders which I'm purchasing for my sisters and myself (how perfect 5 colors, 5 girlies).

Now, what color do I want? I'm torn between pink and teal! I'm thinking teal, break away from my overuse of pink, but then again pink matches everything currently in my purse! Oh the decisions....

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