Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's a Pantone World

Designers everyone always look to their Pantone swatch books when it comes time to pin point the exact color they want. So of course when it comes time to start making arrangements for their special day, why wouldn't they go to their handy swatches when choosing the hue they want? Well the Dessy Group has gone and done just that, creating Pantone Wedding.

On their site you can fine the Pantone Wedding color swatch guide, get Pantone swatch cards (you get 14 cards on a sheet to share with vendors!) and even search for dresses to match!

Now don't worry boys! You aren't left outta this just yet! If you boy is into color and design as much as you, head over to Sonia Spencer and check out the playful cuff links! They are stainless steel and come in a rainbow of colors, sure to match your wedding scheme.

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