Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Needs some help finding that perfect pair of heels your craving after? or even that lil clutch you are just dying to have but just don't know it yet? Well, look no further than Just Fabulous, the chic shoe-and-handbag-of-the-month club that chooses the best styles for you! Yep that's right! It’s the perfect retail therapy for the busy and cost-conscious!

You start out by taking a personality test that helps them discover your style. Then they will pick 6 shoes and 6 handbags for you every month, and get this! Each item is only $39.95! Although I haven't purchased anything yet- there have been some amazing selections picked out for me! The best part- is that it lets you rate each item, so if by chance one pair of shoes is totally not your style you can tell them "what were you thinking?" One lil catch is that you do have to put your credit card on file so its easy and breezy to check out. Just click and buy!

Want someone to do some personal shopping for you? Check you Just Fabulous today!

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