Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Eat, Love, Pray Inspired Jewelry

When I opened my email this morning to see that Etsy's "Etsy Finds" email was all inspired by Gilbert's book- I couldn't wait to see the collection of things they had come up with.  Eat, Love, Pray is in theaters this Friday (FINALLY! I feel like I have been waiting for it finally come to theaters forever! I guess that's just how it feels when you are in high anticipation of something- check out my post here about how much I loved the book!), so in honor of the movie release, I'm very pleased to share with you this Eat, Love, Pray inspired bracelet by Modern Philosophy Jewelry.


I love the earthy, organic feel these bracelets have with the combination of the leather against the beautiful color of the gemstones. The charms attached to the bracelets even have a meaning all there own, described below:

"The lotus blossom grows through dark and muddy creates light and beauty through dark and muddy waters. It has become a symbol of the indescribably beauty that can come from change, overcoming fears, and looking for beauty in the must unexpected places. Wear your meditation bracelet to remind you of the beauty everywhere and as a reminder to take a moment for yourself everyday."

How beautiful is that?!

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