Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Goal #40: Read 10 new books (7/10)

My 7th read for my DZP list is Dating Up, Dump the Schlump and Find a Quality Man by J. Courtney Sullivan. This might seem like a silly read, but when I saw it in store I found it interesting- and at only $5 how could I pass it up right?  I love her writing style- and the sense of humor she injects into it- it's almost like talking to a girl friend in a sense.
This book acts as "a guide for women everywhere who have worked hard to get where they are in their lives and their careers and deserve to be challenged, excited, and supported- financially and otherwise by the men in their lives. It's not anti-feminist- it's knowing what you need from a partner and demanding the entire package." Although this book is kinda money driven- she does have a point, a very big point- and like she says in her book
"marrying the right kind of man is about staying true to who you are, while enhancing yourself. It's about knowing the places to meet great men and getting ready to snag one once you do. It's not about being a a gold digger or settling for money over love. It's about finding the whole package and knowing how to make it yours." 
Everyone grew up living a certain lifestyle, and her basic point on money  is not settling for less- you should be able to have that same lifestyle you are accustom to without settling.

She also gives great tips and ideas throughout the entire book- so if you're looking for an easy, yet informative, light read- I recommend it.  The best part is after you've finished reading it, she closes it with a shorthand guide for everything you need to know out in the dating world, basically a recap (just in case you didn't highlight and tab everything you thought was important like me)

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