Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Goal #96: Go to AT LEAST 5 Angel's games this season (4/5)

That's right baby- game number four for me this season! Woot Woot! Just one away from completely my goal! And what a fabulous 4th game it was! The whole family came out- and when I say whole family I mean- all the sisters, the parents, and the sisters significant others and a good hand full of friends- totalling at 20 people! We did it up right with a massive tailgate before hand- everything from chili for the hot dogs and home made apple pie for desert- my mom doesn't do anything half-assed, so even this tailgate was pretty first class.

The best part? Besides of course the massive group we had? I got to sport my new "I Only Kiss Angles Fans Shirt!" Yeay! My sis said that it was kinda provocative, but I wouldn't have it any other way- and well I made sure to kiss an Angel fan, alright alright, it was my lil sis- but non the less she is an Angels fan!

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