Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lulu's Dog Park Adventure

Lulu went to the Laguna Beach doggie park for the first time with me last week (she had gone once before with my roommate/cousin and wasn't really feeling it)- so I decided that I'd give it a try and take her our for some socializing on Friday night.
Well talk about a shy dog! Lulu stayed right here for a majority of the time- not wanting to stray too far for her mommy. She finally warmed up about 30 minutes into it when she bumped into Stammie, my coworker Becky's dog who was there for his Boston Terrier Meet Up. Only taking short lil trips to run out in a circle before heading back to her mommies feet, she finally got really ambitious and headed out to socialize further- only to find out she was more interested in saying hello to the new lil girl who came with her parents then any other actual dogs.

I figure she will eventually warm up to the place, she isn't normally shy with other dogs- considering she gets socialized alot between all the dogs at my parents, my grandmas, and friends. Maybe once we brave the doggie park a few more times we can work up to going to the doggie beach and we can complete a DZP goal!

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