Friday, August 20, 2010

My Life as a Camelion

Yes its true, I change my hair color A LOT - well a lot actually might be an understatement, considering the the last year or so I went through some massive transformations with my hair. But I guess that kinda mimicked what was going on with my life- the transition of graduating college, getting a full time job, moving home, moving out, becoming a working girl, getting a  new car (I'm not sure if that counts but I feel like it does because your car is definitely some kind of reflection of youl) and of course there are the up's and down's and lack there of of relationships.

This isn't a new thing for me, being a camelion with my hair color, in fact my father actually asked me once, "Madalyn Marie, are you robbing banks? Every time I see you your hair is a different color" or the latest comment from my father  "Mads, you change your hair color more than I change my underwear- and I change it everyday" - now that last one was just plan exaggerated (Ok- I actually changed my hair color twice in that week because I wasn't feeling my new color- so I may have deserved that comment).

Anywho, my hair has taken quite a lot for me- from taking myself from a brunette to a platinum blonde in one sitting, from chopping it all of into a sexy lil bob to putting in 18" long hair extensions- the transformation never seems to end. And in all honesty, I could never decide which style to stick with forever, I love the short bob- its sexy, sophisticated but then again I love the idea of long curly locks. Get my dilemma?

Here is a recap of my hair over the last couple of years- of all the natural hair colors out there, the only one I haven't tried is black- and I don't plan to because I hear it a bitch to strip that outta your hair when you want to go back to blonde- and I think I maybe a blondie at heart :)

I'm curious, what's your favorite style?

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