Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend Recap!

What a fun and full weekend!

It started off fabulous with a trip down to San Diego to see the amazing, handsome, sexy Canadian Michael Buble. Even with traffic we made it in plenty of time- we got there 4 hours before the concert giving us plenty of time to eat, hit up happy hour and even kill some time in Target. Apparently when you get to an event 4 hours you don't need to worry about the parking situation- we just drive right in, got a premo spot and even skipped the $20 fee.

Chilis was our food venue of choice, sharing the same parking lot as the Sports Area. We killed about three hours there (and several margaritas each), eating and talking and taking full advantage of happy hour.

Next we hit up Tar-jay, which always has endless hours of entertainment. Checking out the dollar section before heading to accessories where we had a mini fashion show showing off the latest in Tar-jay accessories, where we then hit up the men's section- where we witnessed an nice marine about our age picking out some Spiderman whitey tighties- which then inspired us to do the same and well.... lets just say each of us have a hidden superman identity and I'm Batman (giving me the perfect cheesy pick up line- "Hey I'm Batman, wanna be my Robin?") This gave us just the perfect hour of entertainment, before heading over to the concert.

Michael Buble was amazing in concert- A-FREAKN-MAZING! Now that I've seen him in concert, his CD does him no justice- he is simply that fabulous. I liked him a lot before but now I'm simply in love- seeing him in concert gives you a better glimpse into just the kinda guy he is. He is just a big silly guy and just so down to earth. His take on concerts- they are boring. So, this concert was not a concert at all, but a massive party where he wants you to sing and dance, they even through out big beach balls into the audience. He is simply amazing to watch on stage- dancing around and sliding from here to there. Our seats were simply fabulous- and the best part was that half way through the concert he moved from the front stage onto a smaller stage in the middle of the floor RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR SECTION!!

Saturday started off bright and early, helping move my 4th youngest sister into college, they grow up so fast! Since my mom has already sent 3 off to college, moving in her 4th child was a cinch- since we now have the process down to a science- allowing us to move her in at lightening speed before heading home for the Rancho Viejo Rodeo!! Yeahhhaw!

My family goes to the rodeo every year, this being our 3rd year in a row we have gone. When you live in San Juan Capistrano there are few things that really get the town excited, one being when the Spallows come home (the whole freak'n down shuts down for some birds- strange I know) and two when the rodeo comes to town. Talk about some good ole All-American family fun! Oh yea, and a way to see some yummy cowboys!

This rodeo is the richest 2-day rodeo in the nation, bringing the top 30 rodeo contestants in saddle bronc and bareback riding, tie-down roping, steer wrestling, bull riding and team roping before the top 15 head off to Vegas. The event even ends with a country concert where you can learn to line dance! All proceeds for this event even go to local charities- which is fabulous way to give back to the community you grow up in.

Sunday was nice and spontaneous- making some time for a late lunch with friends. Day ended with church and a family BBQ. I'd say all-in-all this was one hell of a weekend- the best part being that I spent practically every waking moment with my friends and family, making me feel incredibly lucky.

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