Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Goal #32: Do a beach clean-up day

I've been trying to get this goal completed all summer! Lucky for me, Sept 25th was National Coastal Clean-up Day! With over 800 sites doing beach clean ups last Saturday, I decided to head down to my much loved San Clemente.

My Aunt Laura and I participated in the event together, scowering the coast down by Califia State Beach for any speck of trash. I have to say I was impressed! I feel like I normally see much more trash down by the beach, but it was honestly hard to find any significant pieces of trash- but you betcha I picked up every tiny speck of foam, cigarette buds, and wrappers I saw. The most popular piece of trash I picked up you ask? Well besides cigarette buds (which I pretty sure its illegal to smoke on the beach), was the straw wrappers from children's juice boxes! So- with that discovery I have decided that my children will never have juice boxes down by the beach (sounds harsh but by the time I have kids I'm sure something better will have come out for kiddies to sip their drinks out of).
Between all 800 sites, their were 73,377 volunteers statewide, collecting 692,203 pounds of trash and an additional 59,228 pounds of recyclable materials, according to the California Coastal Commission’s Coastal Cleanup Day website.

It was a fabulous day to be down by the beach, amazing weather that I had been waiting for all summer! and what a fun and great way to give back to the community! Especially to the exact beach that has hosted so many amazing family activities throughout my life!

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