Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Goal #96: Go to AT LEAST 5 Angel's games this season (5/5)

This goal can officially be put to rest! WOOT WOOT!

Caroline and I headed out to Angel Stadium last night to check one of the last home games for the Angels this season! Angles beat the A's, 4 to 2! That a way boys!

Our seats were not so fabulous as you can see in the picture below, we were literal two rows from the top, but who stays in their seats anyways right? We headed on over to the beer garden and moseyed on over to the family section where we got a great view of all the action- and the fireworks which literally made Caroline (and her beer) jump!

Angel Games Recap:
  1. Opening Day with Severina on 4/5 (Angels won!)
  2. Second Game of the Season with Severina, on 4/6 (Angels lost)
  3. Angels vs NY for Sara's 24th Birthday on 4/23 (Angels won!)
  4. The Worthington Clans night out to the game, with pre-game tailgate on 8/10 (Angels won!)
  5. Second to last home game of the season with Caroline (the cousin/roomie) on 9/28 (Angels won!)
And lookie that! Angles won almost (except for one) every game I went to this year!

If your wondering where I'm at with my DZP list... I'm at 17%! But don't expect it to stay their long! October is a busy month and I've got plenty of DZP goals to cross off my list!

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