Thursday, September 2, 2010

Something for Everyone (to eat): The Orange International Street Fair

It's that time again! Not only is this weekend labor weekend- but its also time to get your grub on with the Orange International Street Fair. Although the fair has been going on for over three decades (I believe 37 years?), this will be my families and mine 3rd year going. We have been going since Arielle started at Chapman, and although she won't be joining us this year (lucky B is cruising around the world), this has become one of our families traditions- as far as going to events is.

With the numerous countries represented here, there is truley something for everyone to eat! Food is not all this fair has to offer, with night bands playing on the main stage as well as dancers and crafts! With all the food choices available- I'd have to save my go to booths are always the Norwegian one (gotta represent my heritage!), the German one (we all got a taste of the food there 2 years ago while Lindsey was actually in Germany studying abroad) and the Greek one- yum!

The Fair starts tomorrow and goes til Sunday- so if you don't get enough of the food and the atmosphere on Saturday you can always head on back Sunday to get your fill! Not only is this a fun family event to attend, it is also a great way to give back to your community- with everyone dime spent going to non-profit charities!

Food, Fun and Culture is available all weekend! Just head down to the Circle in Orange!

Friday September 3rd 5pm-10pm
Saturday September 4th 10am-10pm
Sunday September 5th 10am-10pm

Oh and incase you didn't know- it's completely free to come and hang out- just gotta pay for the food of course!

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