Friday, October 29, 2010

Christmas Gifts from the Heart

I know we haven't even hit Thanksgiving yet, but it's never to early to start planning ahead with your Christmas gifts!

Now that my sister's and I are getting older, and many of us are not living at our parents home- I though this year more than ever is the perfect time to make an extra special effort into my parents Christmas gift. A few years ago we did a sister photo shoot, which was super fun and a great way for us to finally get some updated photos of us (that we liked!) up on the walls- also showing your Mom we were more than capable of planning and executing such an event without her finding out (which is hard because she is the queen bee of being noisy- this is where I get it after all!)

So this year, I've decided to FINALLY invest the time (hence why I'm starting now at the end of October) and make a custom family photo calendar! Although it will take some time- creating a list of all the birthday's to include, finding sister-approved photos for each month, and then the computer time to input it in- I'm confident I can get it done and my parents will love the results!

Mom will get a traditional calender, where as I think Dad might appreciate one of these Easel Desk Calender- not to overwhelming for his desk at work, but just the right size to show off some beautiful picts of his daughters.
Another lil idea I had in mind was also creating a set of cute notepads (like seen here on Pinhole Press) for Mom and Dad. Although they may not be able to see our beautiful faces everyday- then can sure as heck see us when they write down their reminders, grocery list, etc!

I'm loving the idea! Maybe this will even inspire you to make one for your family!

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