Thursday, October 28, 2010

Goal #33: Do a 5K a month for a year (2/12)

2 5k races down, 10 to go in completing my Day Zero Goal of completing a 5k a month for a year!

My October 5k was the Champan University 5k, which I also did last year- making it kinda like a mini tradition for me and the fam bam- with my Dad and Aunt Suzie joining me. Although my sister Arielle who attends school there did walk/run with us- she was there in spirit! (and some where way more awesome- INDIA!).

The 5k ends with all the participants getting a medal for completing (making us all feel like winners!) and an amazing oatmeal breakfast with all the trimmings (can you say YUM!). Although it was lightly misting throughout the run, it was still a great run- kinda refreshing actually.

We even headed own into the "circle" in downtown Orange to have a nice cup of joe after the race at Cafe Lucca. This place was so cute! and definitely some place I wanna stop in and get some breakfast at! As I was sitting there having my latte I realized something- in this day of drive through Starbucks and coffee tumblers- I don't think I have ever gone to a cafe and actually sat and just sipped on a nice warm cup of coffee. Surprising, I know, but it was a great way to sit an enjoy a Saturday morning with family, and check out how cute my latte looked!

What's up next? Well Novembers 5k is the Dana Point Turkey Trot which is sure to be fabulous because I already know there is a good group of family and friends joining me!

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