Monday, October 4, 2010

Do you Drink Skinny?

Who ever said you had to sacrifice taste in order to save yourself some unnecessary calories was lying. Case and point: Skinny Margarita Mix. Normally, when you head out to your local watering hole to grab yourself a margarita (my favorite aside from vodka collins), you risk taking in your daily amount of calories in the form of some alcoholic sugary drink. Fear no more!!

Drink Skinny Margarita Mix is the answer! With only 20 calories in a serving, you can definitely afford to have more than one of these babies!! Why is it so low in calories you ask? Well part of the reason is the natural sweeteners they use- Stevia and Agave nectar!

I've heard about and been recommended this product before (because of my known love of tequila and margaritas!) but now I know where I can actually purchase it! I'm not really sure if any of these stores are near me, but I can definitely buy it online! Did I mention its $10 a bottle! Just got your tequila and pour!

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