Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Goal # 80: Do something crafty with all my jeans that don't fit

Looks like I'm on a roll! Another DZP goal completed this weekend! Every year my Aunt Suzie has her Holiday Craft Bazaar out of her home (same Aunt who has the Esty store NetWorth, check it out!)

So this year, in addition to my flower hair clips, I busted out my old jeans (old as in they are to BIG and don't fit me anymore) and this amazing DIY project from Design Sponge that gave me inspiration to try this project! Recycled Jean Wine Totes!

Being such a big wine-o these days with Wine Wednesday with the girls, I really thought these would come in handy. Who wants to tote there wine bottle in a purse or brown paper bag when you can have a cute lil denim tote?

Another DZP goal bites the dust!

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