Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Goal # 93: Go to a Dinner Theatre

I'm so blessed to have some many people in my life helping me complete my Day Zero Project Goals!

Another goal has been put to rest, with the help of my wonderful Grandma and Great Grandma, who for my 24th birthday told me they would be taking me to a dinner theature (specifically to help my complete this goal, as well as the same goal my Grandma has on her DZP list, I know what a hip Grandma right?)

Saturday night we went to the Curtain Call Dinner Theater in Tustin to see Oklahama! The show was fantastic! Such amazing talent- and through looking at all the actors and actresses bios, most of them are also Cal State Fullerton Alumni or students! Fancy that!

I'm so lucky to have such amazing grandma's in my life! Especially GG (Great Grandma) who is 91 years old! This is just one of the amazing outings we have had together, and I'm so excited for all the rest to come!

Funny fact: Wonder where I get my people watching skills? Well, it seems I get it from my GG who was critiquing all the couples who were sitting around us that night, it was absolutely hilarious how she had something to say about everyone. And that my friends is probably where I get my need to sit and people watch!

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