Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's Offical! I'm a Starbucks Rewards user!

Woot Woot! Who knew why it took me so long to finally become a Starbucks rewards user! After the suggestion (more like bragging... ahumm) for Ms. Erin DeHart about her Gold Member status- I decided I must have one too!!

How can I be a Starbucks junky and not even have a gold card!

Oh the shame!

So, with the guidance of Ms. DeHart, I purchased my card, registered it, and have been racking up the stars.

New Year's resolution: BECOME A GOLD MEMBER! With the amount of caffeine I need in order to operate, I say this will be a very doable task!

And how could I NOT want this lovely shiny card popping outta my wallet....

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