Friday, December 3, 2010

30 lil things about your's truely, Madalyn Marie

  1. I have a blog ( which you obviously know about if you are reading this...) which my bestie convinced me to do (and I'm so glad she did). It's my lil way to share all the fabulously things I find (and want).
  2. I'm a crazy social networker, you can find me on facebook, twitter, foursquare, linkedin, and on day zero project. (I'm probably forgetting one)
  3. I have an enormous collection of shoes- from heals, to Uggs and even sandals, I will eventually have a closet dedicated to just my shoes, where they can be displayed in all their wonderful beauty.
  4. My lil yorkie Lulu Belle is like my child- she has outfits for all occasions and you betcha there will be a picture of me and her on my Christmas card.
  5. I hate raisins, BBQ sauce, and bacon.
  6. I've been told I'm a stereotypical Orange County girl- lil dog, convertible car, blonde hair (or used to be), large sunglasses, Starbucks usually in hand, and live in Laguna Beach- all this stuff is just on the surface, there is nothing stereotypical about me.
  7. I'm organized to the point of OCD (as my professor so kindly wrote in my letter of rec). You want something organized, I'm the girl to do so.
  8. I've never been a huge reader- but I've read more books in this past year then I think I've read in my entire life.
  9. At 24 years old I'm no where I thought I'd be at this point in my life; somethings are far better than I imagined, others... not so much.
  10. I'm counting down the days until next August when my Florence loves and I will have our 5 yr reunion in Italy.
  11. I wish to one day get my MBA in Branding (although the only school in the nation that offers this right now is in NY)
  12. I've done a few hand modeling gig's for work.
  13. I have to get a pedi/mani every two weeks, the finishing touch to any look is nicely polish fingers and toesies! 
  14. I'm a camelion when it comes to my hair color, the only color I haven't tried is black.
  15. I have numerous tattoo ideas in mind, but I think I'm too big of a chicken to ever do it- I value my life and I'm pretty sure at any age my parentals would kill me. Let one of my sisters do it first, and once they are spared their life, then I might actually do it.
  16. Although I have a HUGE fear of needles (shots scare the crap outta me), I can for some reason handle body piercings like it ain't no big thing (and those needles are much bigger mind you). 
  17. I love champagne, and find nothing wrong with drinking it no matter what the occasion is! I blame is obsession on my Florence days (dang Faces!)
  18. My girl friends and I frequently visit a dive bar called Goody's and although I wish we would branch out and go somewhere else, there is no denying that if you want to A. get drunk, B. have a good time, or C. have an all around memorable evening, it is the place to be- hence why we still go there frequently and I've decided not to fight it any more.
  19. I wish someone would just give me a list pointing out the exact place to meet a quality guy.
  20. I'm a caffeine addict, preferably in the form of coffee- so if I haven't had it yet, don't talk to me.
  21. My family is absolutely hysterical, every family gathering is like a comedy show. Which leads to #22
  22. My family needs it own reality show, we are far more interesting than any Kardashian or Hasslehoff clan. No one I know can deny how crazy my family is.
  23. I have no problem dropping $200 on sunglasses, but gasp at the idea of spending $200+ on tires for my car. My priorities need to change and I'm working on that.
  24. I'm way to nice to people who have hurt me in the past.
  25. Gossip Girl (which is my guilty pleasure) and Grey's Anatomy are the only two TV shows I watch religiously and must stay up to date on!
  26. I love country music and Brad Paisley is the sexiest man alive in my eyes (something about a dark haired cowboy makes me melt).
  27. I consider myself extremely lucky and blessed to have my Great Grandma in my life. She is a gem and I absolutely love her first hand accounts of how things used to be.
  28. My biggest pet peeve is people who scrap their teeth on their utensils. If this happened on a first date, it would be highly unlikely that their would be a second one.
  29. I have a tendency to have to plan everything. I need to learn that some of the best things that happen in life aren't planned (so step away from your planner!)
  30. There is nothing wrong with singing a song at the top of your lungs in your car.... I most definitely have the tendency to do this :)

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