Monday, January 24, 2011

Day #10: Give Up an Addiction

Obviously this isn't going to happen in a day, but today is basically the day you begin thinking what it is you'd like to quit. The idea behind this is "how can you have a relationship with some one when your primary relationship is with some thing?"

Now of course there are lots of different addictions- and I think I've figured out what mine is. For the most part I feel pretty silly admitting this, and of course this isn't a seriously unhealthy addiction- but my addiction is.... shopping.

I know... silly. But I've thought about it, and whenever I'm bored, feeling lonely, want to feel happy- A shopping spree is sure to bring a smile to my face. And to be more specific, lately it's been a shoe shopping spree. It's amazing how happy a new pair of amazing heels makes me feel, and the excitement I get when I put them on and can not wait to go out and strut around in them. 

Case and point: When I was younger I got in a huge argument with my parents. I stormed outta the house and headed to the mall, which is only 5 min for the house. I spent hours there and ended up at Mac Cosmetics... where I purchased $200 with of crazy colored eyeshadows. Did I need all those eye shadows? No. But did having all those bright fun eye shadows make my worries go away. Yes. 

Shopping is my addiction. Hopefully with watching my budget and logging my finances (from Day 7) I will be more accountable with myself. And hey, the first step is admitting it right?

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