Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 3: Remove Physical Baggage (Bedroom Edition)

The next several days will be concentrating on removing physical baggage, and the first place to start is the bedroom! 
It's time to dump out (or file away if you must) any items from your past- high school photos, gifts from ex's. Remember to only keep out on display the items that make you happy!! 

As charming as the picture frame with a photo of you and your high school boyfriend in it is, it's ancient history. Put it in a box marked "high school memorabilia" and move on. Same goes with items from your recent flame- as thoughtful as it was at the time, put it in a box out of sight (or if you can- throw it away!). I know the hardest part for me is knowing who the item came with, because every time you wear that item it brings up old thoughts and feelings. 

"Remember water seeks its own level. Be ready to receive what you are really attracting. If you play games, you will attract games. If you manipulate, you will attract manipulation.

- The Dating Repair Kit by Marni Kamins + Janice Macleod

If you need some inspiration, check out Apartment Therapy. They have amazing suggestions on neat and tidy bedrooms. Check out this article, here.

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