Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 4: Clean out Your Clothes & Closets

Everyone needs to have a pretty lil dress! So don't toss that just yet!

Now that you are changing, it's time your wardrobe changed as well (or at least got cleaned up a lil bit). I know I'm guilty of hiding my "skinny" jeans in the back of my closet, hoping to one day squeeze back into them- but its time to move past all of that. Any clothes that don't "match" the new you need to go- so fat pants, skinny jeans, granny panties, holey underwear, old concert/sports shirts from your old flame. Anything that doesn't reflect who you are right now needs to get tossed. And when I say tossed- I mean put them in a bag and donate them to Goodwill, were your old clothes can go on and have a new life with someone else.

I just recently did this when I was in the middle of getting a new dresser and released I had way to many clothes for the one dresser, and that no one person needs 15 t-shirts for the gym and 10 pairs of yoga pants (that are faded and not exactly cute any more). So- I've purged myself of many of these iteams- now I just need to deal with the jeans and sweater situation. I think they are mating in the night...

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