Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 9: Give Up How You Thought It Should Be

"The only thing we can do is show Spirit we're ready to receive, and we're gong to spend our time being more loving to ourselves, knowing and believing this will draw love towards us"
We all have expectations or dreams how things will be. I will grow up and become this, I will live in this city and drive this car, and have 4 perfect children. Although those things sound all good and great, it's that thought of them that leads us to think it will make us happy, when in reality we have to concentrate on making ourselves happy with our current life and situation, so that we can in return to happy later down the road. 
An exercise from The Dating Repair Kit by Marni Kamins + Janice Macleod is to write yourself a letter and reply from an older, smarter version of yourself.

So for example:

I thought once school was over I'd be on my way to creating the future we talked about with my man. But, now after being out for 2 years and having the things that kept us apart no longer an issue, we still aren't together.

Dear MMW,
Some things just aren't meant to be. People grow apart and things change- this is TOTALLY for the better, think of all the fantastic people you have met recently who you wouldn't have known otherwise if you were still with that chump. What's meant to be will be, but for the mean time just be your fabulous self and have fun being single! Love will come your way when you least expect it.

and thats my mini pep talk to myself :)

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