Monday, January 10, 2011

How to have a FABULOUS love life

If someone could please answer that question, I would be eternally grateful! Like me, I'm sure there are thousands, maybe even millions, of women out in this crazy universe who are just dying to know the answer.

Now, I make no promises- but my amazing roomie/cousin or cousin/roomie (I'm not really sure which order I should put that in- but either way she is quiet amazing), lent me a fabulous book called The Dating Repair Kit by Marni Kamins + Janice Maclead, that may just have the answers (or at least some guidence) to this ever nagging and eternal question.

"This book is for when you want concrete answers to why dating sucks and you're tired of reading books about how he's just not that into you or following rules of waiting for "the call and then pretending you're too busy to answer it."

While I'm skeptical about all this book has to offer, I figure what the heck, I couldn't possibly hurt to read this (plus the cover is pink and the illustrations are adorable- and shoot what the hell am I thinking, I need all the help I can get!)

So, with that being said- I'm bringing you all along on my journey of how to find a fabulous love life. This is a thirty day process, of which I will be sharing with you Marni and Janice's daily dose of advice!

So buckle up! First course starts today!

But first things first, lets discuss our mantra. For the next 30 days your constant chant or mantra is:

"You are an amazing, creative, fun and passionate person. You are unique and irreplaceable in this world. Trust yourself and your process. Everything is exactly as it is supposed to be in this moment."


  1. Oh my goodness. I'm very excited that you are taking this journey. Clearly, you rock for taking on this project. Light ahead to your fabulous love life!

    Janice (your humble author)

  2. Thanks so much Janice! I'm super excited to read this book and see everything it has to offer! Thank you for the great read!