Thursday, January 27, 2011

I've got the reading itch!

I've already completed my read 10 books on my DZP list, but I can't seem to stop! Two years ago my New Year's resolution was to read more, and I successfully did! Yeay me!


But now I've just got the reading itch! I have come to find several authors I love ( Emily Giffin, Sophia Kinsella, and of course Janice MacLead and Marni Kamins)

You all know I'm currently reading, The Dating Repair Kit by Marni Kamins + Janice MacLead ( I dont know why I didn't get my hands on this sooner- It's made so many things come to light for me!)

Most recently I finished, Can You Keep a Secret by Sophia Kinsella. Highly recommend! Has the quirky funny writing that I loved in her other books!

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