Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Things I wish more men understood...

  1. Treat your girl really good. She will treat you really good in return. If she doesn't, get rid of her immediately.
  2. Be a gentleman. You don't need to over do it, but do little things to let her know you appreciate her.
  3. The way you treat other people/strangers when she is with you is a huge deal. girls want guys who are polite, kind, confident, and know how to talk to people.
  4. Buy a girl flowers. Often. Randomly. Not roses, just whatever you think she will like. 
  5. Pay attention to a girl's shoes, compliment her on them, notice the small details she spends hours fretting on.
  6. Communicate your feelings, ell her what you need, don't just try and act tough, it won't work. It there's something fundamentally wrong, you need to talk about it. 
  7. Be honest. It's hard, but if you like a girl, tell her exactly how you feel and what you're thinking, this is how you will find out whether is is willing to love you for who you are or if she isn't willing to compromise. you need to figure it out, either way. 
Taken from Typewrite Blues

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