Tuesday, January 11, 2011

When the Worthington Circus Meets the SD Wild Animal Park

Sunday my sisters, accompanied by some of their boyfriends and my mom headed down to the San Diego Wild Animal Park (although I believe it is now being called "Safari Park" since its a more accure description of what it actually is.)

I've discovered that as you grow older, the things that you once there were "uncool" are now really funny and just plan silly to do. Case and point:

At 24 years old I think I had more fun running around taking silly and ridiculous pictures than when I was an awkward 8th grader and it was totally embarrassing for these pictures to be shared with anyone besides family.
Throwing up some peace signs while chilln in an ostrich egg
Melissa and I being flamingo's
The whole crew (minus Rini and her bf) acting like gorillas 
Missy and me being earth worms! 
Lindsey and me- aren't we some fierce lionesses 
(left to right)
Myself, Lindsey and Missy 

Highlights of the day included:

Seeing the 2 week old baby Elephant, so adorable
(can you believe at only 2 weeks he is already over 200 pounds! WOW!) 

               Seeing the one month old baby cheetah! He was no bigger than my lil Lulu Belle!

This lion gave quite a performance for us! RAWRing and walking around before he took another nap (did you know lions sleep 20hrs a day!)

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