Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 20: Commit to Your Dream

Sometimes your actions are not inline with your goals. Sure, your busy keeping up with your daily routines, but do any of those activities involve working towards your dreams?

Pick a goal, for example meeting someone. Then decide on how you can act to achieve it. For example: Maybe instead of making your coffee at home everyday, you can work in getting coffee at your local coffee shop instead. See, no drastic change, but now you are actively working towards your goal of meeting someone (because let's be real, you weren't going to meet someone in your house, and if you did it might be kinda awkward bumming into someone you don't know in the kitchen... just saying)

Here's our exercise for today: Make a daily routine list. This list isn't exactly what your routine is right now, but rather a list of how we would like to spend our time (not how we are currently spending it). Are any of the activities in your routine list in line with your dreams? If not, don't fret- this is where you can take make a small change in your routines in order to start fulfilling your dreams.

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