Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 22: Beware of Mojo Squashers

You gotta love some of the things they say in this book! Mojo Squashers are the people in your life who don't support your dreams- these may be friends or family members. These people are normally unsupportive and even enjoy giving you their opinion and advice- but most of the time what they have to say is hurtful and damaging.

This is were I would like to remind you about your gut instinct. It is great to get feed back from friends (whether or no it is actually wanted), but remember your gut instinct! You are the one who has been getting to know your new love, and chances are you have a better sense of how things are going. Yes, you might be a lil blind with all the hearts and stars in your eyes, but don't let something a mojo squasher says change your attitude about your new love! It is ok to be hyperconscious of what they are telling you.

Maybe you are able to get away from the mojo squashers in your life, either way, take some time to write down how you feel. This is just an exercise so don't actually send it, but write it for yourself so you can feel better and give them a piece of your mind.

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