Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 23: Fox Hunting and Other Trapping Tactics

Everything we have read up to here has prepared us for what we are going to do now! It's time to get out there and find that great love life you want!

Here are 6 ways our author suggest to attract your soul mate:
  1. Focus on being the best you (do what makes you happy and make yourself the version of you that you want to be!)
  2. Learn to put yourself first (always make yourself your number one priority- if you making pleasing a man come before yourself, you will end up losing that man. Respect yourself, and he will too)
  3. Keep yourself fit (physically, emotionally and spiritually. Everything you need to do in order to keep yourself sane)
  4. Don't pretend, lie, or manipulate (this will always bite you in the ass, so don't do it. Don't play games, focus on being honest)
  5. Ask Spirit to bring you soul mates (you must believe the Spirit will grant you what you need . You will always get what you believe you deserve, not what you deserve but what you believe you deserve)
  6. Dress slutty (just jokkinggggg. Work on developing intimacy with yourself- so you don't need to get it from someone else)
Soo, now the big question: Where do you meet them? EVERYWHERE. There are lots of opportunities to meet people- from your coffee shop, bookstores and all the places you visit in between. Here are some obvious places:
  1. Grocery stores (think Trader Joes and Whole Foods- between the hours of 7:30 and 9 to be precise) 
  2. Gym (plenty of opportunities to ask questions her ladies!)
  3. Bookstore (and perhaps one with a coffee shop inside... just incase you want to continue your conversation)
  4. Parties (duh, the thing is you have to say yes when you are invited! And look, you and the cutie will already have something in common, you know the host)
  5. Coffee shop (these are the new bars, minus all the load noise and not being able to remember anything the next morning)
Make an effort to go to some of these places, or other places you frequent- and strick up a conversation with a stranger! What's the worst that could happen?

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