Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Shoe Lust, to Top ALL Shoe Lusts

There are no words to describe how IN LOVE I'm with these Christian Louboutin shoes. I'm pretty sure I would sell a kidney to have these... ok that's a bit extreme but holy moley, are these not the most fabulous, amazing, sky high, sparkley, I WANT THESE ON MY FEET NOW, heels? I think I might just die if I actually got to hold it in my hand, yet alone put it on my foot. In all honesty, I don't even need to go anywhere to show off these shoes, because quiet frankly I would be perfectly content just sitting in my house starring at my feet. And at $7,000 you bet your ass I won't be doing anywhere that could remotely damage them.

Did I mention that I'M IN LOVE WITH THESE SHOES? Hum, maybe I'll check out ebay to see how much a kindey goes for.... (I'm totally joking... but you get the idea...)

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