Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day Zero Goals Updates!

What's new, what's coming up, and what's unfortunately been postponed...

#17 Go Wine Tasting: This will hopefully be completed on Mother's Day! Yippie!

#30 FINALLY visit New York: This is a huge goal for me to complete! I honestly didn't think it would be happening until sometime next year, but the boy asked me to join him for a wedding the Big Apple, so watch out New York, I will be in you May 25th through 31st! I'm beyond excited!

#77 Bind my Great Grandma's Spice Book: I have been totally procrastinating about this for oh, a year now? Poor GG keeps asking when she will get it back (I know, I'm a horrible great-granddaughter). My mission is to bind it for her and give it back as a "gift" on mother's day. 

#82 Sign Up and Participate in a Mud Run: Eeks! This one is coming up fast! and I can't tell you how unprepared I feel!

#85 Go to Stagecoach: Unfortunately, this goal is going to be pushed out until next year (sad face, tear, sniffle). I bought the ticket, things didn't work out, and so I sold it. As excited as I was for this concert, going this year didn't work out.

#98 Enter Photographs in the Orange County Fair: I WILL NOT FORGET TO DO THIS!! I have it on my planner and as a reminder in my phone. I even checked the dates, and amazingly with all the traveling I'm doing this summer, I will be here for all required pick up and drop off dates! I will do this!

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