Thursday, May 19, 2011

Accessorizing for NY

So I've officially got 5 days til I depart on my much anticipated trip to New York City! The decision whether to shop here for NY or shop in NY for clothes has been a tough one- but I have decided that I must put my best foot forward- literally.

So, I'm decided which shoes I should rock while walking around the Big Apple. Tennis are outta the question apparently (can't stand in the MoMa with my Nike's on). So stylish, comfortable flats are the answer! Although trust me, the idea of putting a pair of heels in my boyfriends backpack to switch into has crossed my mind, but that is a lil bit too much for me.

DSW has some fabulous flats to choose from (and I have a $20 off coupon- cha ching!).

Here are my top two contenders:

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