Friday, June 10, 2011

Goal #30: Finally Visit NY

This was a HUGE goal for me to complete, and if it wasn't for my amazing boyfriend, I'm pretty sure it would have taken at least another year to get to. It's thanks to him for inviting me to his cousin's wedding that I was able to complete this! The big bonus I got outta this trip was being able to see my three Firenze loves! We met exactly 4 years ago on the week I departed for NY, and with life kicking in, none of us had made it to the other coast to visit.

We spent exactly a week on the East Coast, enjoying everything the Big Apple, along with Staten Island and Brooklyn, had to offer! Four amazing action packed days were spent in heart of the city (on 34th and 7th to be exact) and I'm so impressed with everything we got done! I can honestly say we hit every tourist spot you could possibly want to see!

It's impossible to share the 1000 plus pictures (yes we really took that many, and when I say we, I mean the boyfriend.) This seems like the best time as any to say THANK GOD I found someone who is as obsessed with taking photos as I'm. I honestly did not have to touch the camera the entire time, I was the fearless navigator with map and hand, and he was the oh so artistic photographer capturing every shot you could possibly want of the city. Here are just a few of the photos that were taken.. ENJOY!

With tickets in hand, we are on our way to NY!
After checking the luggage, we hit the streets only 1 hr after landing.
First stop: Empire State Building
View from the observatory deck. 
 Tip for anyone thinking of visiting NY: I would definitely do this first, it helps a lot with
getting your boundaries of the city and the orientation of everything  
We spent our first night in NY exploring Time Square! It was quite a thing to see!
Our Stop! Side note: Subway steps are dangerous. On day 2 I busted my ankle pretty badly.
 Note the sexy ankle brace in the following photos.
Statue of Liberty! Tip: get to the ferry at 8, not 8:30, not 10 and definately not 11 unless
you want to wait in line for 3 hrs. We found this out the hard way and had to come back  the next morning.
Yes I made it the Tiffany's flagship store! SO BIG. SO MANY FLOORS. SO SPARKLY!
The epic reunion!
My Firenze loves!
Some hot couple ready to go to a wedding.
The humidity wasn't quite agreeing with my curls...
Us again. I love this photo. So classy.

That pretty much concludes our trip. I love NY and would LOVE to go again. If the weather wasn't so ... seasonal? I'd move there in a heart beat. Damn snow.

Side note: It's kinda cool that my 30th goal was the 30th one I've completed! SWEET!

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