Friday, June 10, 2011

Goal #33: Do a 5k a month for a year (8/12)

This one is all the way back from April! (woopsies )

April's 5k was the Heart of the Vallery 5k in West Covina. Doing this 5k was pretty convenient since I had to be in West Covina anyways to help my Grannie bake Crisoli for Easter. Get some morning jogging in, and then fry up some Italian pastries! Kinda counter productive, but that's how it was.

The great think about this 5k is that it made me realize even more that you can walk or run a 5k anywhere. Even a mall parking lot, like where this one was hosted. 2 laps around and you've got yourself a 5k. Best part: the finish line landed you right into West Covina's weekly Sunday Farmers Market!

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