Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Goal #84: Fly a Kite

I was super amped to get tons of DZP goals done over my lovely 9 days off... and then before I knew it, my stay-cation was over and I had not done a darn thing! But, like most good things in life, this lil activity was unplanned- which made it all the more memorable!

In attempt to tour the Stone Brewery (for completion of DZP goal #14), an impromptu kite flying opportunity presented itself. The brewery tour was full for the day, so we decided to have a beer, relax and in expressing my disappointment in not completing a goal, I ended up rattling off a whole bunch of stuff on my list to my bf's friend- who by chance had a kite in his car!

Taking the opportunity to seize the moment, I found myself with a Cars themed kite running up and down the parking lot aisles and into the empty lot next door. Any on lookers would probably deem me smashed for doing such a silly thing- but the fun part of this whole goal was how spontaneous it was, and how something so simple as kite flying can make just another Sunday into a memorable adventure.

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