Monday, August 22, 2011

1 spontaneous weekend, 2 DZP goals down!

Friday, 9:30pm
TK: What do you think about going to Vegas for 18 hours?
MW: Surprisingly, I'm down!

And so our spontaneous weekend trip to Vegas was decided upon! Now, it wasn't 18 hours, more along the lines of 24, but it was spontaneous, and it was for the weekend!

This trip was brought on due to the fact that TK's sister decided last minute to come out to Vegas from Chicago, and so being only 3 hours away, TK wanted to make some time to see her. Such a sweet older brother.

And with that, DZP Goal #62: Take a spontaneous trip somewhere for the weekend, was completed! Yeay! For those of you who know me, I'm a planner, so this whole trip was a lil outta the norm for me- but I do have to say that not having a single plan for our entire trip was quite refreshing!

Since this lil spontaneous weekend getaway included crossing state lines, I had one more goal I could complete! You guessed it, DZP Goal #49: Be in two states at once! And incase it wasn't already a give, the states are California and Nevada. Thank you TK for convincing me the get my ass outta the car and stand by the sign, I almost passed this one up! ( I love how supportive he is off all my goals! Even the silly ones!)

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