Monday, August 29, 2011

Goal #33: Do 12 5k's in a year (10/12)

This weekend I embarked on my first solo 5k! I have to say, I was quite pleased with how motivated I kept myself with not have someone else to push me to start jogging up again, or make sure I get outta bed in time to make it to the race!

My 10th 5k was the Wet and Wild 5k at Wild Rivers, which I was so excited to participate in mostly because you get to run through the lazy river at the end- how fun is that!

I've realized through the course of this goal, how there are so many great opportunities to run through places that normally you wouldn't be able to get into- for instance: through Angel Stadium for the Angel Stadium Fun Run (hello I got to sit in the dug out and have the stadium dirt on my shoes!), or through the OC Fair ( detour to fun anyone?). Now I can say that I have run through the lazy river! Sweet!
Here I'm... all red faced and sweaty after the 5k! Look I even got a metal! (well everyone did...but still).

After doing this for almost 2 years, I have a list of things that I do during my 5k's, so here they are to share with you:

1. After the first mile, I find someone going relatively the same pace as me, and make it a goal to cross the finish line with or before them.

2. As bad as it sounds, I always find someone that I need to beat to the finish line- usually I have the mentality that the couple pushing the stroller with 2 kids is not allowed to pass me up!

3. Pick out points in the distance to run to and push yourself to not stop running until you reach that sign, curb or person.

4. RUN, never walk through the finish line.

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