Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Guess Whose Coming to Town!!!!

I know this may not be exciting to the rest of you, but it is down right amazing, want to jump up and down like a lil kid, exciting for me!

The day has finally come with my Firenze loves had made their way of to the West Coast!  Miss T$ and KBucks will be bringing gracing Cali with their antics for the next 6 days.


You may ask, "Where did you meet these  fun loving ladies?" Well let me tell you...

... 4 years ago my sister Lindsey and I studied abroad in Florence, Italy. These wonderful ladies were in the same program as us... and it was there we all fell in love!

With school, graduation, and work we haven't been able to see each other in 4 years. It wasn't until May this year I made it to NY where I got to see them.

Special shout out to Caitlin who couldn't make it out- we will miss you dearly!!! Wish you could be here to celebrate with us!

So needless to say... there will be some crazy YOLO going on this next week. What is YOLO you ask? You Only Live Once! That's our motto, when in doubt YOLO! So watch out Cali, the four of us will be up and down the coast, from LA to SD living it up!

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