Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Kate Spade Sample Sale!

I have always been a fan of Kate Spade, with the bright colors and fun patterns! So, when I got the email for their sample sale with 75% off, I could not restrain myself!

Here are my impromptu purchases:


How could I pass up this lovely bag.. in such a fabulous color! I love the smaller front pocket, perfect for stashing things you want to easily locate.  Isn't the polka dot lining amazing?!?! So cute!

Originally $395, but on sale for $159!

WELLESLEY NEDA Wallet in Belize 
 Now this purchase I can honestly say was neccessary. I have been on the market for a new wallet ever since I lost/misplaced mine. And since I wont be buying the Louis one I'm in love with for a while... this one is perfect for right now!

Originally $195, but on sale for $79!

Best part of this random online shopping spree... well at 75% off, my entire purchase, plus tax and $5 shipping was more than $100 less then the purse would originally cost. So in the mind of a shopaholic, I saved a boat load! Yeay! Can't wait to get my purchases!!!

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