Friday, September 9, 2011

Goal #41: Host a party (something sophisticated)

I'm so happy to complete this goal, especially because it was for my Mom's 50th Surprise Party! Everything turned out great (minus some momentary panic because it was raining the morning of the party but it thankfully cleared up by the time guests started arriving). And for pulling off the surprise part of this party- well the LAW sniffed out our "sneakiness" only an hour before the party, so I have to say we were pretty damn successful.

The party was held at the San Juan Hills Country Club, and I have to say I was very pleased with the set up and how everything turned out. Food was fantastic and there was plenty of room for every to mingle.

I of course had to add in my crafty details- which I have to say, details are everything! (says the perfectionist!) Everything from matching old fashion straws, a stripped table runner (which I stich witched myself!), and of course the labels and ribbons for the candy and dessert table. Here are some shots of the event.

You can thank my mom for giving me her crafty gene, after watching her throw parties for the last 25 years, I guess you can say I picked up her event planning skills. Funny thing is, I totally would not mind doing this for a living!

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