Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lusting After: Cat Eye Sunglasses

I've been lusting over these Dolce & Gabbana Cat Eye Sunglasses ever since I tried them on about a month ago. Just goes to show that you should always go with your gut instinct! And mine was to buy them right on the spot! But my more practical side said "no Madalyn, you don't need them. Your other pair of sunglasses is just fine." 

Well, about a week later I found a giant scratch on my sunglass! .tear. To say the least I was pretty devastated- I make it a point to put my sunglasses back in their case to avoid this problem entirely. So, that was a fail. But luckily for me I already knew which sunglasses I wanted next, right? WRONG. Sold out everywhere!

Which led me to believe that when I did find them the other day while out that I had to buy them. And I did, without a doubt in my mind. I have to say they are one of the most fabulous purchases I have made lately... and I LOVE them. They are GLAM-TASTIC! Flirty and fabulous and even have cute delicate flowers printed on the inside.

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