Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Goal# #33: Do 12 5k's in a year (12/12), COMPLETED!

After almost completing this goal last year only to fall short and then revising it after my ankle injury this year, this goal is FINALLY COMPLETED! I'm beyond words excited! I figured I was being very ambitious when I created it, but after almost 24 months of doing 5k's around Orange County and LA- I've done it! Now, by no means am I done doing 5k's forever- I honestly think I'm going to one up myself and attempt to train for a half marathon!

My 12th and final 5k for this goal was the Chapman University 5k. This was my 3rd year in a row completing it and it was just as amazing as ever! In previous years I was joined by my father, sisters and aunts, but for this year's race it was just me- solo.

Do you know how hard it is to get yourself up at 6am on a Saturday!? Being the only one doing this race I could have easily slept in, but I managed to push myself up outta bed (some lil yorkie I know was not too thrilled with me).
Of course once I got to the race, I was extremely pleased with myself to have made it up to Orange- it wasn't until I got there that I realized I had actually fooled myself into getting there early (I thought start time was 7am, but it really was 7:30am- woopsies!). Before I knew it, it was go time! I ambitiously started the race with a fast pace jog. Across the start line I went and that's when I happened to bumped into one of my friends- Jim. We ended up jogging and walking the whole race- and finished in under an hour!! (I believe it was about 45min). Not bad time at all, especially with walking!

Not only do I love this race because of the college's beautiful campus and surrounding neighborhood (gotta support my sisters school!)- but also because of the amazing event staff. Their social media team has been rooting me on since I participated in the race last year- and even remembered about my DZP goal! It only seemed appropriate to finish this goal at this race.


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