Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Patchwork Winter 2011

This last weekend was the Indie arts and crafts festival, Patchwork in Long Beach! I'm a huge fan of this event, as are a lot of my lady friends!(check out those cuties to my left and right) It's a great time shopping for handmade goodies, discovering new Etsy shops, and just all around enjoying a great Sunday with amazing people.

Of course, purchases were made! My favorite purchase came from Sweet Perversion!

Her booth had us laughing out loud with all her amazingly hilarious cards and totes. I simply could not leave without purchasing this amazing tote!

Crafty-ass bitch.

Describes me to a T! Damn skippy!

The cards were hilarious too! Here are just a few of my favorites!

Funny Pregnant Greeting Card
Funny Jesus Greeting Card

Stay tuned to find out what other Etsy shops I've discovered and loving! Stay crafty! :P

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